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I am open for commissions! I’ve had several people reach out to me over the last few years, done a few here and there, so I wanted to make a dedicated page with info.


I’m open to working on pretty much anything, and you can contact me via Instagram or email to discuss in more detail. BUT! Here are some ideas to consider along with some examples. 


Pet Portraits

This is the most common commission I’ve accepted over the past few years. I am open to working in a variety of styles, mediums, and animals.

Bookshelf/Room Portraits

Some of my most treasured paintings are vignettes of my past spaces. I think this would be a nice piece to receive after a big move, to help remember places that felt like home.


Flowers! Plants!

I love plants. Let me draw your plants. Let me paint the plants that mean a lot to you. Make that bouquet last forever. 

Other Information

I would love to draw up some tattoo designs! Plants, critters, anything up my alley 

Not currently doing logo designs or any graphic design projects

I love working locally (San Antonio), but I am willing to ship! 

Please message me for pricing

Don’t want a commission now, but think you might in the future? Save this page!

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