Design Projects

The images on this page are from a number of design projects I have completed over the past two years. 

Honors Thesis in Communication: 

Maximalism in Food Branding

During my senior year at Trinity University, I researched food branding and food packaging design, focusing on the importance of maximalist design principles in this product category. 

Minimalism has been very popular in the 21st century, finding its way back into art, graphic design, and even becoming a popular lifestyle. While it is a suitable aesthetic for branding certain product categories such as smartphones and skincare, it is not the solution for every design problem. This research explores the use of a maximalist design aesthetic in food packaging and branding. Food, a substance full of life, flavor, and energy reflects many principles of maximalism. This project concludes by examining successes of maximalism in food branding and applies the research to a package redesign of a local food startup in San Antonio, Texas.


Trinity Senior Art Major Show 2020

I designed the look of the poster and promotional material for Trinity University's 2020 Senior Art Major Show. The narrow glimpses of artwork are reminiscent of window blinds, inviting the viewer to peek into the work of the exhibition. 

Logo Design for Trinity University Press

I redesigned some of Trinity University Press' imprint logos, and designed the new logo for Latina Lives.

Trinity University Press

I have worked with Trinity University Press since January 2019, and during  my time I've designed social media posts, promotional material, animations, bookmarks, stickers, and much more!

Lunar New Year 2019

This year, I was given the opportunity to design the shirts and posters for Trinity University's 2019 Lunar New Year Performance. 

I was also asked to contribute some vector illustrations in the style of airline safety cards, specific to the performances at the event. 

Fundación Recover 

At Fundación Recover, I designed a variety of materials, including social media posts, posters, and infographics. This internship took place in Madrid, Spain, and all materials were designed in Spanish.

This infographic is published in their recent study: Barómetro de satisfacción de pacientes sobre los servicios de salud en la región de Kribi, Camerún. All illustrations, excluding the map, were done by me. I worked with the researchers to create this infographic describing the findings, published in Spanish and French. 

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